How to Brainstorm

by Sarah Silman

Hello, fellow Goslings!
I'm here to Honk it up with an idea on how to flesh out your entry. Maybe you have a good idea but you're not sure how to make that word count? Or maybe you love something about Cornwall and you just aren't sure where to get started. This is how I like to do it, but there are many other ways this could happen.

Pick a Subject
St. Theresa Park

What do I know about the park?
-Play structure
-Splash pad
-Picnic tables
-Lots of shade
-Has nice open grassy area
-Located in walking distance
-Friends/family near by

Can you add to any of the above?
Sometimes you can add a little extra to some of the points you have made above.
     Picnic Tables
-Get to eat lunch with family on weekends in park
-Has been a nice place to have a rest while playing
-Makes for a good meeting place

     Located in Walking Distance
-Is the first place you might go without a parent
-Get to take dog though on walks
-Easy to get to on any day

The more points you list about your chosen subject the more you will have to write about. You do not have to write about everything you have thought of, but rather too many ideas than not enough.

Once you have these ideas you can put them in an order that makes sense to you and create sentences to build your entry. 


Remember, entries are due by May 31st! Good luck to everyone!